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What we offer

At the moment we offer to our clients three most commonly used services and these are:

Domain registration

You don't know how to register a domain? Don't worry - we'll help you to do it; besides, IT'S FREE *


BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM - three Hosting plans suitable for any type and scale of any business.

VPS machines

Fully customizable VPS machines allows you to use your resources as effective as possible - without overpaying.

* In case you sign an agreement with us for at least 3 years , we will cover your domain subscription costs for the same period as the agreement's validity.

Domain registration

If you like receiving gifts, then you should definitely like our offer as well.

Free Domain names for our clients!

Once you will sign an agreement with us for at least 3 years for any of our services, we will register your domain name for you (if you don't have one already or you wish to have another one) and also we will cover all your domain registration costs for the period equivalent with period of agreement signed.

This way actually you save some costs by getting your domain FOR FREE.


Hosting plans

Our Hosting service package consists of three different plans. BASIC - for small business or private use, PLUS - for small to medium size business, PREMIUM - for medium to large business purposes. Also, as we are very flexible, there is always an option to customize any of our services according to your specific needs - just email us your request and we will contact you ASAP!

€4/ month
1 Domain for free *
1 website
20 GB (Disk space)
1 database
20 emails
€39/ month
Unlimited domains *
Unlimited websites
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited databases
Unlimited emails
€15/ month
5 Domains for free *
5 websites
100 GB (Disk space)
5 databases
100 emails

Tell us how many projects you have and we'll let you know which plan would best fit your needs.

* Offer valid with at least 3 year agreement only!

VPS machines

In general virtual server is an autonomous "part" of some certain physical server, where, within one physical server, there can be dozens of such virtual servers. In the same time virtual servers do not interfere with each other - each system operates as a separate entity that is isolated from other system processes, users and programs. Each virtual server has its own disk space, guaranteed allocation of CPU, RAM and operating system.

Usually, this solution is used by businesses whose daily processes use only a small part of physical server capacities, this way consumer of the VPS services receives not only the performance of the server solutions that are really necessary, but it also allows to save funds, without overpaying for unused physical server resources.

€12/ month
Processor: 1000 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Disk space: 30 GB
Bandwidth: 200 GB/mo
IP Addresses: 2
Environment: Linux, ISPConfig
€25/ month
Processor: 2000 MHz
RAM: 1024 MB
Disk space: 60 GB
Bandwidth: 400 GB/mo
IP Addresses: 4
Environment: Linux, ISPConfig
€40/ month
Processor: 3000 MHz
RAM: 2048 MB
Disk space: 120 GB
Bandwidth: 800 GB/mo
IP Addresses: 4
Environment: Linux, ISPConfig
€60/ month
Processor: 4000 MHz
RAM: 4096 MB
Disk space: 240 GB
Bandwidth: 1.2 TB/mo
IP Addresses: 8
Environment: Linux, ISPConfig

While our general offer consists of four most commonly requested VPS configuration plans, we, if necessary, are also offering the opportunity for each customer to individually configure most suitable VPS solution according to their needs, thus the client, taking into account the intended purpose of the VPS system, by himself can choose the processor power, memory and hard drive space units, as well as choose the most preferable operating system solution (see offer below).

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